About John

John Notgrass speaks about history to help people learn from the past and speaks about living with faith and gratitude in the present. John and his wife, Audra, are both homeschool graduates. Married since 2009, they have two sons with them on earth and three children with Jesus in heaven.

John Notgrass is available to present for churches, community organizations, schools, and homeschool groups. See what John has to offer below and submit a request for him to visit your group.

John Notgrass as Wesley Notgrass in One Soldier's Story

First-Person History Programs

  • One Soldier's Story: A Tennessean in WWII
    John's grandfather Wesley Notgrass (1915-2007) joined the United States Army in 1941 and served for four years, one month, and seven days in the United States and Europe during World War II. Based on his grandfather's recollections and wearing his grandfather's uniform, John steps into character to share Wesley's life story in a first-person narrative, from growing up in the 1920s and 30s through his experiences during the war. The presentation is illustrated with photographs from Wesley's collection.
  • And Can It Be: The Life of Charles Wesley
    Charles Wesley (1707-1788) composed over 6,000 hymns that expressed his amazement at God's mercy and called God's people to holiness. This program, told from the perspective of Charles Wesley himself, is based in large part on his journals and hymns. It explores his life at home with his parents Samuel and Susanna, his education, his conversion, and his ministry in the context of the religious history of England.
  • Building a Kingdom: The Life of Alfred the Great
    Alfred (c. 848-899) is the only English king remembered as “the Great”. During the 9th century, England faced multiple waves of Viking raiders and settlers. Alfred rose to prominence by successfully challenging them in war, but he was also an accomplished leader in peace as he promoted religion, education, and justice. Dressed in medieval attire, John relates Alfred’s story in a first-person narrative.

Other Programs

  • The Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder in Story and Song
    Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) left a lasting impact on American literature with her Little House series of books. In this presentation, John Notgrass takes you on a virtual tour of the places Laura lived, shares stories that didn't make it into her books, and performs songs that the Ingalls family enjoyed. 
  • Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunities
    We must redeem the time God has given us and live with gratitude today because we do not know what will happen tomorrow. Sharing from his journey through the loss of a child, John encourages others to celebrate life as a series of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.
  • Lessons from History
    Examining the lives of those who have gone before us can challenge, encourage, and warn us as we live our lives today. In this session, John shares lessons he has learned from his study of history.


"John Notgrass is the real deal. His messages carry EXTRA weight because he’s been there – done that, having been homeschooled himself. John’s view from the inside adds value to everything he discusses, giving credibility and some balance to the homeschool movement. His listeners will be encouraged and challenged by his presentations and even more so by the man, husband, and father he is. I give him two thumbs up (that’s all I have) and highly recommend him to you as potential speaker. Like I said, he’s the real deal, and I like that...and him."
Todd Wilson
Familyman and Founder of Familyman Ministries

"His presentations are Biblical, clear and sincere. What I appreciate most about John is his commitment to Christ and his solid Christian worldview. In an age of much confusion and minimization of Biblical living, John embodies the qualities of intentional living. Besides being an excellent speaker, he also is an historical re-enactor and singer/songwriter. I heartily recommend John Notgrass and encourage churches and home school organizations to book John for your next event."
John Thrower
President, The Family Vision Library, St. Charles, Missouri

"Our church is so grateful that you came and shared your music ministry with us. Everyone commented on what a great event it was! We were blessed by the content and delivery of the messages that were woven within your songs. Your thoughts displayed maturity, deep insight, discernment, and humor. You kept our minds sharp and our souls entertained. We appreciated the Biblically-sound content of your songs. The skill and ease of your performance was very enjoyable. But, one of the greatest blessings that I received was seeing a young man so right with God, and so able to encourage others by his very presence."
Roy DePolitte
Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Church, Livingston, Tennessee

"John Notgrass was a pleasure to work with. His costumes and narratives added interest to our workshop line-up and were well attended by both adults and youth."
Julie Barth
Speaker Coordinator, APACHE Homeschool Convention, Peoria, Illinois


Past Presentations

  • APACHE Homeschool Convention, Peoria, IL
  • Artios Academy, Nashville, TN
  • Biblical Worldview Conference, Boise, ID
  • Blount Home Education Association, Maryville, TN
  • Boyd-Buchcanan School, Chattanooga, TN
  • Calvary Christian Church, Cookeville, TN
  • Cookeville High School, Cookeville, TN
  • Cornerstone Christian Church, Livingston, TN
  • Christian Home Educators Fellowship, St. Charles, MO
  • Christian Home Educators of Ohio, Columbus, OH
  • The Family Vision Library, St. Charles, MO
  • First United Methodist Church, Gainesboro, TN
  • FOCHE Homeschool Group, Edwardsville, IL
  • Gainesboro Church of Christ, Gainesboro, TN
  • Granville Fall Celebration, Granville, TN
  • Greater St. Louis Area Home Educators Expo, St. Louis, MO
  • HELPS Homeschool Group, Florissant, MO
  • Home Educators Encouragement Alliance, Atlanta, GA
  • H.O.M.E. Homeschool Group, Nashville, TN
  • Hopewell Church Covenant Family School, Columbia, TN
  • INCH Homeschool Convention, Lansing, MI
  • Indiana Association of Home Educators, Indianapolis, IN
  • Jackson County Historical Society, Gainesboro, TN
  • MTHEA Curriculum Fair, Nashville, TN
  • New Hope Christian Academy, Gainesboro, TN
  • North Carolinians for Home Education, Winston-Salem, NC
  • Sam Davis Home, Smyrna, TN
  • Secret City Festival, Oak Ridge, TN
  • SHARE Homeschool Group, St. Louis, MO
  • Upper Cumberland Civil War Round Table, Cookeville, TN
  • WTHEA Curriculum Fair & Conference, Jackson, TN