At the beginning of 2015, I set nine goals for the year--personal, family, and business goals. I fully met two of them, I did fairly well on four of them, and I bombed on the other three. I will cut myself some slack since we added a new baby to the mix this year.

Michael Hyatt's Best Year Ever course helped me set practical, measurable goals for 2015. I plan to go through his guide again for 2016. Having the goals in place pushed me to do more than I would have without the goals. One of my goals was to write a blog post each week. This is my thirty-fourth post for the year.

Overall my posts on grief have been the most effective. For me at least. Grief is on my mind a lot, both my own and that of others. (Humans of New York reminds me that the world has a lot of suffering people--real people who have names and faces and stories.) I wrote about other people's grief soon after Toby was born. I also wrote about the challenge when family members grieve at different speeds.

I wrote a couple of pieces on the death penalty: one prompted by the story of Richard Glossip and one about Charles Wesley's encounter with condemned men. My thoughts on "Talking to Our Children About Sex" generated a positive response. The post that generated the most controversy had the deliberately-provocative title "Christian Persecution in the United States."

I don't think I'll keep blogging weekly in 2016. I'll probably post occasional thoughts. I might even be deliberately provocative. But I'm not sure I have enough I want to say publicly for weekly posts.

My public speaking has been fun this year. I've spoken for several homeschool events, an extended family gathering, a library (twice), a church group, and an American Legion post. I'm developing a new first-person history program about Charles Wesley that I look forward to sharing in 2016. I'm also working on creating a trade association for homeschool-related businesses and organizations.

Thank you for being part of my year by reading my thoughts. I wish you all the best in 2016. If I can be of any service, please let me know.

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