I attended the opening night showing of Beyond the Mask, and I am glad I did. Burns Family Studios put a talented cast in a beautiful setting to tell an intriguing story.

Scene from Beyond the Mask

Scene from Beyond the Mask

I was anticipating a good film, but the quality of the sets and costumes amazed me. The production team did a fantastic job creating the feel of the 1770s. Great camera work combined with impressive use of CGI gave this film a big canvas to work on.

The three lead actors had a good chemistry, and the supporting cast filled their roles well. The music was top notch. The story had a good amount of action, several well-placed laughs, and a sweet romance. It also gracefully presented one man's spiritual journey.

Making a movie that Christians will go to see is relatively easy. Making a good movie is hard, and I admire this team for honing their skills, taking risks, and putting something out in the market. Beyond the Mask is a huge step forward for Burns Family Studios, and it bodes well for future offerings from this team.

This movie is slated for a theatrical release in June. Check out the website and sign up for updates to find out where you can see it.