Our son Henry made his appearance on July 25, 2012, seven weeks after our son Avery went to be with Jesus.

Henry has been a comfort to us in our grief, though he didn't and can't take Avery's place. Henry has brought exceeding joy to us on his own.

Knowing that he will probably end up being a lot like me is a challenge and reminder to be the man I really ought to be.

"Chicken-fil-A" is his restaurant of choice. He's a regular at Cow Appreciation Day. He wants to play on the slide with his "friends," which means anyone and everyone who is there with him.

Henry's language skills have advanced to the point where he tells us about what happened "yesterday" (that is, any time in the past). He expresses desires by saying, "I wish to" do such-and-such. And he makes adorable combinations of words and ideas. Here he is on his birthday next to the "kitty cat tails".

Henry has more energy than a nuclear reactor; I have to work hard to keep up with him. He is creative and silly and affectionate, and he adores his little brother Toby. I'm thankful that I have gotten to make many beautiful memories with him over the past three years. I want to be thankful for every day I have with him.

You're one cool dude, Henry!

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