We've been reading the Bible to Henry since we was little bitty, and we talk about how we want to live our lives based on the example of Jesus. He has been asking us to pray for him on occasion, and recently he made a comment that warmed my heart.

The day before we had read from John 1 about Jesus being the light of the world shining in the darkness. I compared that to Henry shining his flashlight at night in the backyard. We can always see the light, no matter how dark it is.

The next day after a singing of "This Little Light of Mine," Henry made a mental connection and said, "I have a flashlight. And God has a flashlight." (Except he pronounces it "fishlight," which is even more adorable.)

Josch13 / Pixabay

Josch13 / Pixabay

I'm thankful that God has a flashlight and that Henry is starting to get a glimpse of it.

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