Before books became widely available, most people had to learn new things by listening to or watching others. Are we entering a post-book age, where instead of reading, we can listen to and watch others do things on YouTube?

For many things, this is good. It was a lot easier for me to learn how to replace the carburetor on my lawn mower by watching a video than by reading a detailed description. Are there any inherent negatives?


I consume information in several different ways. I read paper books. I read ebooks. I listen to audiobooks and podcasts. I watch video on TV, computer, and mobile devices. I visit websites and occasionally listen to the radio. Even if reading printed matter is better for some people in some contexts, that doesn't mean that reading on a screen or listening or watching are bad ways to learn.

Our company publishes most of our content in printed form because that's what our customers prefer. I can imagine that changing in the future, and I don't see it as a right or wrong, good or bad issue.

How we learn best varies depending on the situation. What do you think?